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Time (solo piano)

by Ed Bolduc

Released 2011
Kat Shak Productions, Inc
Released 2011
Kat Shak Productions, Inc
Solo piano music in the style of George Winston
Every one of these pieces relates to a "time" in my life. Some are specific events like "kites" which reminds me of my kids' first experience flying kites during one summer vacation. Others are more so reminders of certain recurring experiences, like seeing Ashlyn dance around the living room, or bringing out the holiday decorations, or the wonder and beauty of an eerily quiet ice storm. "The race" could be the soundtrack to the hustle and bustle of our busy lives...though I can't help but think of my son Caden tearing around the house! ("Talking it over" just seemed to sound like a conversation to me, but nothing really specific.) Perhaps these can best be described as the background music for memorable scenes in my life, and perhaps they might fit with yours. -E.B.

This album was recorded in Woodstock, GA at Kat Shak Studios in October and November of 2011. A songbook with exact transcriptions is available.

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