So you've probably clicked on this tab either to find out about me, or to find out what I would say about myself! Well, I could tell you all sorts of things, but I think I want to focus on the music and why I made this website.


I play piano (no other instruments) and sing (sort of). 


My wife, Karen, and I do a lot of music together at Mass and at weddings.  I love playing for her and singing with her. To me, her talent and humility make her the perfect church cantor/singer. I’ve always thought her name should be on our CD’s, but she wouldn’t have that.  And...she’s beautiful. 


And I am also SO blessed that God led me to Saint Ann’s Catholic Church back in ’92. (Thank you Theresa Patterson Hobbs for asking me.) I have basically learned how to write, arrange, play, and lead music for liturgy here. The people are the best. I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and continue to have at this parish.


When I started playing at Mass at 15 years old, Glory and Praise (which I love and respect) was the only compilation of contemporary liturgical music out there. Eventually, I started writing songs here or there to try and fill a specific need at liturgy. (Our God and parts of Mass of Saint Ann were the first pieces.) Eventually, people asked for recordings and copies, and eventually, World Library Publications noticed and offered to publish a bunch of titles. I’ve been with them ever since. They have treated me wonderfully. I hope I’ve done the same.


I’ve been fortunate to have met and played with many, many fine musicians. Look at the PICS tab too see some of these great people. I’ve learned a ton from playing with and for them. They’ve all made me a better musician.


Here’s a weird thing: I never really listened to music until the 80’s. I know. I missed out on a ton of classic stuff. Instead I was listening to old ’45’s my aunt and uncle gave us, plus whatever was playing in our house, or my dad playing the accordion. Karen always gets a laugh when a classic comes on the radio and I have no idea who it is! But man, I can play some love songs on the piano. The 80’s definitely taught me that! So, it kind of goes without saying, then, that my biggest musical inspirations were David Foster and Chicago 16, 17, 18. I can also play the hits of Lionel Richie and Barry Manilow.


My biggest piano inspirations are, again, David Foster, but also George Winston in a HUGE way. His December album opened up a whole new world for me.


As for liturgical music, I can credit none other than Tom Booth for leading me to where I am today. Without him really knowing it, he has been a mentor to me as both a musician and a friend. Love that dude.


All in all, I’m just an ordinary guy trying to be a good husband, father, and friend. I love what I do and I hope this website will allow me to share some of my music with as many people wish to hear it!  Thanks for listening (reading), and God bless you.